INSIDE FLESH is a project founded in 2007 by the members of SUKA OFF group.

As theater, galleries and even the alternative club scene limited their experiments with live sexual imagery, it was a natural process to translate the production into the language of video.
IF is experimenting with the visual form, using various techniques of image recording, as well as searching for new forms of narration, focusing in particular on the post-production process (editing and music). IF films are the combining elements of transgression cinema, video art, music video and performance for camera.
IF’s films have been presented at many film festivals and art galleries.
In 2008, the film “Carnal Fluidity” received the main prize for the best film at PornFilmFestival in Berlin. INSIDE FLESH also produces music videos and fashion films.

In 2014 IF started creating #fashionporn in collaboration with various fashion designers
INSIDE FLESH  has worked so far with fashion designers, musicians, performers and models in Europe, US and Asia.

BFV – multimedia artist, founder of the artist collective SUKA OFF. Cinematographer, editor, music maker and author of the artistic concept of all INSIDE FLESH films.
Editor and creator of all the pages dedicated to this project.
Sylvia L – member of SUKA OFF and co-founder of INSIDE FLESH. Performer, model, stylist, author of self-portraits, editor of most photo galleries and occasionally assistant director and cinematographer

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