INSIDE FLESH is a project founded in 2007 by the artist collective SUKA OFF.

Our work has always been focused on human carnality in all its aspects. In both live and video works, we’ve been working with the body without faking anything what could be done for real. Because the theatre, art and even alternative club scene were putting limits to our experiments with sexual imagery, we have decided to create a new project dedicated entirely to this subject.
In 2010 IF’s film “Carnal Fluidity” won the award for best feature film at Berlin Porn Film Festival.
In 2014 IF started creating fashionporn in collaboration with various fashion designers, including Barbara Bologna, Leonard Wong, Monarc1, Majesty Black, 0770, Creepy Yeha and others.
Also in 2014 Nick Knight used a selection of IF short videos for Nicola Formichetti’s DIESEL fashion show in Venice.

INSIDE FLESH  has worked so far with fashion designers, musicians, performers and models in Europe, US and Asia.

BFV – multimedia artist, founder of the artist collective SUKA OFF. Cinematographer, editor, music maker and author of the artistic concept of all INSIDE FLESH films.
Editor and creator of all the pages dedicated to this project.

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